Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted solely from Olive Fruit grown in Laconian Land. All of our olive oils bear the quality guarantee of the company MAXOULI-POLYMENAKOS .The Company is active in the area of olive oil production since 1999. Their production procedure begins with the cultivation of olive trees and reaches the final delivery of olive oil in the market. The Olive Oils 300, Maxouli, and ProAgro make up a fine class collection of products for all taste palates. All of our oils are cold extracted which means that through the whole production process the temparature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius. because of that our olive oils maintain all their nutritious ingredients. Each bottle is a result of the century long tradition of Laconia in the production of excellent quality olive oil in combination with exceptionally high processing standards. We invite you to find out more information about our Olive Oil variety by clicking on the following link www.maxouli.gr

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